SIPG 3000万本 記念式典



SIPG Celebrate Container Throughput Surpassing 30m


 12月23日、上海国際港務(集団)股份有限公司【SIPG】は、コンテナ取扱数量が3,000万TEUを突破した記念式典をLi Shenglin交通運輸部長、Han Zheng上海市市長、Shen Jun上海市副市長など、おそよ500人を招き、上海市内で開催致しましたので、ご報告致します。


今後とも ご愛顧のほど、どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。



 On December 23rd, 2011, Ceremony for SIPG Breaking 30 Million TEU was held in Shanghai. MOT Minister Li Shenglin, Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng and Vice Mayor Shen Jun attended the ceremony. About 500 guests witnessed the whole ceremony.


SIPG saw its annual container traffic volume surpass 30 million TEU on the day, which hits an unprecedented level in the world’s port history and marks a new leg in Shanghai’s voyage to become a global shipping center by 2020.


China’s remarkable trade boom is reflected in the Port of Shanghai’s numbers, which went from 7,951 TEUs in 1978 to 29.05 million TEUs in 2010. Shanghai, the world’s busiest container port, will consolidate its title this year and leverage its record throughput to become a multi-faceted provider of port services.


“Never before do our workers feel so glorious and full of pride. Under the leadership of central government, state council, Ministry of Transportation and Shanghai Municipality, we’ve been marched from Huangpu River to Yangtze River, and finally to the sea. It’s the country’s power and rapidly growing economy endows Port of Shanghai with developing strength and potential.” Chairman Chen addressed in his speech. He highly appreciated the support from carriers, shippers, port-related organizations, attributed the success to the right leadership of MOT and Shanghai Municipality, and gave thanks to all the staff for their diligence and efforts.


He said, 30 million TEUs is just a new starting point. We cheer for 30 million, but never mean indulging ourselves in 30 million. We will work even harder for the goal of building Shanghai into an International Shipping Center and hub port and a world leading terminal operator and comprehensive port logistics services provider.


SIPG 3000万本 記念式典
SIPG 3000万本 記念式典